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Christmas 2013

It’s Christmas, but it doesn’t really FEEL like Christmas. Sure, i’ve got the lights. I’ve been baking. I did the shopping and bought the presents (and had a blast thinking about what I would get for everyone). But.

I’m not home.

Instead, I’m in my awesome apartment in a city I slowly grew to love, thinking about how I want to be home for Christmas and feeling somewhat heartsick that I won’t. Instead, I’m going to bed in the middle of the day and when I wake, I will walk to a building that houses some crazyweirdincredible minds to do a job that I love.

And, okay, it is a little sad, you know, not being with my family on Christmas. (The other day, I actually cried a little listening to an awful rendition of “I’ll be home for Christmas” because…well.) But it’s not necessarily bad. I will be celebrating with my coworkers, who are all in the same boat as I am. And we’re making the best of it. I’m making the best of it.

Tomorrow, I will cook myself a nice Christmas dinner. I will watch Doctor Who Christmas specials all day. Maybe I’ll make panna cotta with my new TARDIS mold. I’ll sit in my living room all strung with lights and Skype with my parents who are 2700 miles away and hopefully, I will not feel too alone.

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Oh hai.

A week’s worth of sleep deprivation has officially caught up with me. I am stumbling and slurring like a drunk person - except that I’m not even happy, just tired.

My hands are shaking, my eye is twitching, and my body is screaming in protest that I dragged myself out of my nice warm bed to get to work.

BUT I made myself curry tomoshiraga somen that I’ll eat when I get to work, plus various snacks. AND I have a small bottle of this amazing ​simple syrup (which my aunt makes, oh heyyy) to put into my coffee. I am basically bribing myself, like “when you get to work, you can have a cardamom rose water latte, okay?” Otherwise, I don’t know if I’d make it out the door.

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